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A Tree You Trust, 2022 poem performance, riso print, folded A3

ieaS9pRg (1).png

In marrying speech and movement, Barnas forms words into physicality-with each step words merge with being. A poem forged in action.


Tree You Trust maps out a path in word and action towards an authentic experience of  trust, lets us speak and see a new the natural world and human marking within it.  In so doing, the work searches for a reappraisal of that which seems set in stone. 

Commissioned by Zippora Elders as part of her final exhibition as director of Kunstfort bij Vijf huizen Enchant embrace them you odd peninsula, A gathering with love, for Kunstfort, the work sees Barnas describing the unique way nature, history and art interact within the space of Kunstfort bij Vijhuizen. As such, Barnas gives shape to an intimate, personal hymn.

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