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Poems (Prologue), 2022

various generations and types of feminist. Through the poemsBarnascollapses time and gives voice to women dissolved in history, whilstattempting todealwith the undefined anxiety and guilt so often assigned to women.Inthe wordson the page Barnas allows these voices to take up space, as she seeks a steady andlucid voice of her own. When finally the voices stutteringly form one thought,themyriad of currents hesitatingly move toward something more solid.


iamond without an r (Prologue) forms the basis of Barnas’ retracing of the outlinesof her mother’s motherthrough poetry.The prologue follows the conversationbetween four voices-the fountain, the hairdryer, the scream and the wordless { }–reflecting the 

Translated from Diamant zonder r (Uitgeverij Van Oorschot, 2022) by Michele Hutchison,

Graphic Design by Felix Salut

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