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Braakman en ik

A visual essay


he essay 'Braakman and Me' was written in Dutch in 2012. In this essay, Barnas explores the life and work of the furniture designer Cees Braakman (1917-1995) who worked as part of the design team for UMS Pastoe that helped shape the post-war 

longing for change. Barnas tries to retrieve personal information from the designs, which seem to tell their own narrative, by constantly being almost original. Barnas: 'It seems as if Braakman is trying to tell me something with his furniture. I can almost hear him.'

Graphic design by Felix Salut. Riso printed at the Charles Nypels Lab, Jan van Eyck Academie.


Introductie door Dirk van Weelden:

To download the essay click on image

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