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Sound poem 5.36 min

Dead EndsMaria Barnas
00:00 / 05:36

be flowing water and shutting doors can be discerned. By layering one over the other, the text, much as the speaking itself, are deconstructed into a jumble of sounds, which can be patched together only in the silence spaced between. The whirs and regurgitated sounds finally give way to a track that can be walked along mentally, while suddenly stop and starts force the listener back into their physical present. Thoughts of longing, belonging and home - described from a female perspective - are juxtaposed by a lack of any sense, order and structure. In the obliteration of words and meaning, Barnas attempts to reconstruct how to be when silenced.


 n the sound work Dead Ends text and speech are deconstructed, rewound and reworked. The hesitation and repeating sounds of the speaking voice are mimicked in the technical glitches, loops and rewinding of the recording as the sound of what appears to 

Dead Ends is based on a sound recording made in the exhibition Even if it's jazz or the quiet storm, Nest 2019. Voice and edit by Maria Barnas. Made during a residency at Ensuite (a residency programme of Zaal 3 and Nest, The Hague) in which Maria Barnas looked at non-narrative storytelling structures in the context of the exhibition Even if it's jazz or the quiet storm, Nest 2019, curated by Vincent van Velsen and Dan Walwin.

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